Dominik Peters

I'm a member of Balliol College. Before starting my PhD (or rather DPhil) in 2015, I was an undergraduate student of Maths & Computer Science at St. John's College, Oxford, where I had a particular focus on Foundations of Mathematics and Topology. I'm proud to be an MMathCompSci, which at 12 letters is the longest title the University has to offer. I'm originally from Barsbüttel, close to Hamburg, where I briefly studied Economics before coming to Oxford. Accordingly, I speak English with an embarrassing but slight German accent, and I now speak German with a slight English accent.

I'm an enthusiastic user of Anki, a flash card program exploiting the wonders of spaced repetition. My deck includes over 9,000 cards, mainly on maths, but also including notes on everything I've read over the last few years. Occasionally, I like to put on magic shows (poster) consisting of a mixture of mind-reading, side show, and plain silliness. I identify as an Effective Altruist and (currently) as a utilitarian (with lots of uncertainty about what to think about animal suffering). I recommend reading Slate Star Codex, whose author appears to be correct on many things.

I'm always looking for research collaborators, or opportunities to visit other universities. Please get in touch. If you're in Oxford, we have something in common, and you fancy a pint of cider or Diet Pepsi, I'd be very happy to meet.